Are younger children in kindergarten more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD?

Research conducted by Todd Elder at Michigan State University found that ADHD misdiagnosis is more common for children who are younger than their kindergarten classmates.
Crystal Methamphetamine:
How to recognize early warning signs and potential vulnerabilities.
This free e-book addresses prevention and early intervention.
CBC Documentary: The Disappearing Male
Equally Prepared for life?
How 15 year old boys and girls perform in school.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto
Man-Making: Helping Boys On Their Journey To Manhood
Boys and Literacy Project, University of Victoria and University of Alberta
UK website that includes links to resources for boys and literacy, articles on gender, and research on gender and achievement.
North American Society of Adlerian Psychology
Cool Solutions – A complete guide to peer counselling in the Elementary school
Action Schools BC
BC Council for the Family – Father involvement network
Canadian Boys: The declining status of boys in Canada.
Published by the Vanier Institute of the Family.
Raise Boys' Achievement
Published by the National Healthy Schools Standard in the UK.
Girls Rock, Boys Roll: An analysis of the age 14-16 gender gap in English schools.
A variety of research reports on the topic of boys and schooling offered by The Commonwealth Department of Education in Australia.
2020 Parenting - Preventing drug addiction in your child
Homophobia: The Fear Behind the Hatred.
An essay on the origin and nature of homophobia.
Boys – Getting it right. The Education and Training Committee of Australia tabled its report on the education of boys (contains over 200 submissions), October 2002.
Adolescent Brain Development
The Truth About Homework
Needless Assignments Persist Because of Widespread Misconceptions About Learning
Declining rates of achievement and retention: the perceptions of adolescent males by the Australian Government, Department of Education, Science, and Training (2006)

Silbury Education & Resource
Outstanding resources for the active and visual learner!

Why Boys Should Sing!
By Nicholas Fairbank

Action Research Projects

» Wireless Writing Project
» Flax Mill Primary
» Martha Currie Elementary
» Old Yale Road Literacy Project
» Writing Wizards Peer Mentoring

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