Boy Smarts: Mentoring Boys for Success at School
Boy Smarts Action Study Guide

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Educators and parents hoping to inspire boys to excel at school now have a new tool at their disposal; Boy Smarts - Mentoring Boys for Success at School. In this book, you will find 100 imaginative and practical guidelines for authentic engagement in meeting boys' varied learning needs. The guidance offered here can help parents and teachers in the challenging task of understanding each boy as an individual while also working toward a community plan to raise boys' school achievement. The common sense approach offers to lay the groundwork for an action plan to mentor boys for school success - a manual for kick-starting boys integrity.

Boy Smarts is not a cookbook or managerial guide that reduces complex human interaction to a simple formula. It offers real-life guidance based on a growing body of research from leading authorities, that parents and teachers can actually use.

Barry MacDonald envisions an inclusive classroom where boys feel at home; where their rambunctious energy is accepted; where their rebelliousness is channeled into inquiry and exploration. Without compromising gains made by girls, a Boys Smarts approach to schooling responds empathically to the needs of boys so that they can better realize their learning potential.

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Mentoring Boys for Success at School

“You MUST read this book if you are raising or teaching boys. It is simply the BEST there is on this subject.”

Dr. Linda Albert, author,
Cooperative Discipline

“If you are a parent or teacher of boys, Boys Smarts is smart reading.  It may turn out to be the single most important book in your boy’s early school life.  Fully implemented, this book is the foundation for resolving a national and international crisis.”

Dr. James Robert Bitter, East Tennessee State University

“Boy Smarts Action Study Guide persuades readers to delve beyond a boys will be boys mentality to better understand boys and schooling.

One of the great strengths of this book is that it will challenge you to clarify your biases, while prompting you to develop a realistic action plan respecting the varied needs of boys. Indeed, this guide challenges us all to courageously find solutions rather than accentuate problems.

Boy Smarts Action Study Guide is stimulating, thought provoking, and optimistic! I only wish I had participated in one of MacDonald’s action study groups when my son was a boy.”

Linda Albert, PhD
Author, Cooperative Discipline

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“MacDonald has a unique perspective and sets a new standard for exceptional teaching and parenting of boys, regardless of their behaviour or achievement levels. Boy Smarts is an engaging and much-needed primer that is packed with commanding and constructive leadership.”

Kathy Dodd, Parent & Teacher, Hazelton

“Wow! This book is fresh, exciting, and of vital importance. Barry offers skillful and openhearted originality to create a highly applicable and cutting-edge resource. It actually shows you how to harness testosterone, talents, creativity, and mentor boys for a lifetime of success!”

Judy McBeth and Barbara Scott, Executive Directors, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley

“The genius of boys is often the proverbial square peg of schooling. Throughout this book MacDonald shows us how to effectively meet boys where they are at through genuine understanding and rigorous inquiry-based learning.”

Ron Sweet, Principal,
Calgary Science School

“This book is brimming over with collective wisdom to help boys become successful team players through the development of their own uniqueness and exceptionality.”

Leo Ezerins, 1986 Grey Cup Champion and CFL All Star, Financial Consultant

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